Frequently asked questions

How can I get involved?

EASY! If you are a local charity, organisation, social enterprise or just a driving force within your community, we're looking for people like you - get in touch and we can talk about getting involved in the festival, if not n 2019, let's talk the new year... Are you just trying to be do better and looking at a different way to go about your day? Check out our program, get involved and share your stories and experience to our Facebook, Instagram and or Twitter pages... big change grows from many actions!! Be inspired and follow the experience online or onsite!

Where do I go to find out more information...

All you need to know is on the website - the program and who is what is changing daily though so be sure to check back in regularly so you don't miss anything! Better yet, make sure you're following our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts for any updates or changes as they happen!

What if I just don't have time to be 'plastic-free'

Rome wasn't built in a day! This isn't about changing habits overnight, noone is perfect, but it's about a commitment to do better and adoption the notion of 'A different way...' Our hope is we arm you with the information, tools and expertise to do that and give you unparralled access to the experts within the space, what you do with that information or experience though, is on you. Whether that's in the way you clean your home, consider whether you really 'neeed' that next top just because it's 90% off, pack a more conscious lunch or simply pickup the waste you see on the beach and roadway, every little bit helps.

Where can I find the full program for the festival....

Right here....

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