Re:New your Wardrobe

Do you know where the clothes you're wearing came from? Who made them or what conditions they were working in? 

These are all questions you should start to ask yourself and then what you're spending on your cupboard, and how many times you've worn it. Or how many times has it been worn by someone else, but who cares, because it's in great condition and looks AMAZING! 

When it comes to being 'waste wise' people automatically think plastic waste and trash, but the fashion industry is one of the leading culprits of waste across the globe and small changes to how you dress, can have a huge impact on the planet - and your wallet!

From the art of thrift, hand-sewn garments, mending clothes otherwise bound for the bin or the option to hire instead of buy, there are countless - make that endless - ways we can be more conscious when it comes to our clothes without sacrificing the quality of what's in our cupboard, in fact, in most instances, the quality improves exponentially. 


  • Suitcase Rummage - Join us on Sunday 30 June to sell or swap your unwanted wears. Registration required. If you're like to be part of this event, please email us to find out more! 

  • Re:New Fashion Runway - Check out the latest range of seconds, pre-worn yet runway-ready outfits and a for-the-fun-of-it - trashion show on Saturday 6 July from 1pm! With a range including Bridal, activewear, corporate and high-end fashion, this is a chance to see, experience and learn about slow fashion and any misconceptions about secondhand clothing. 

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