You are what you eat!

Food production is undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to demise we're seeing to many areas, animals and industries across the globe. 


Unfortunately, in most instances, the process of producing food is not the issue. The greed in wanting more food, faster and for less, is. 


This creates more plastics, torturous conditions for animals, awful working environments for people, huge amounts of pesticides in our food and in a vicious cycle, said plastics and pesticides are making their way into the very food we eat which is creating unprecedented health issues in people. 

Knowing who, where, how and when your food was produced is vital and we're fortunate to have a number of local suppliers and producers on hand to help educate, provide and celebrate the growing food scene that surrounds the Shellhabour region.

From harvesting bees, living with chickens, growing a garden, ethically sourced meats and cheese or an entirely plant-based way of life - we will have a range of experts, workshops and providers onhand across the festival to learn from, eat from and experience. 

Check out the schedule on the many ways we can 'Eat' a different way... 

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